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Public Policy Grantmaking

"A Seat at the Table: Keeping the 'Public' in Public Policy" by Ami Nagle, Neighborhood Funders Group Issue Brief

"Foundations and Public Policymaking—A Conceptual Framework" by James M. Ferris and Michael Mintrom, Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy

"Foundations and Public Policymaking—A Historical Perspective" by James Allen Smith, Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy

"Foundations and Public Policymaking—Leveraging Philanthropic Dollars, Knowledge, and Networks, Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy" by James Ferris, USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy

"Funding Nonprofit Advocacy: The Increasing Role of Foundations" by Nan Aron, Neighborhood Funders Group Reports

"Looking Upstream" by Dorothy Ridings, Foundation News & Commentary, Council on Foundations

Report of the Public Policy Task Force for the Council on Foundations

Why Nonprofits Should Be Involved in Public Policy
" Advocacy: Oh Yes You Can..." Nonprofit Quarterly

Nonprofit Advocacy Basics, Alliance for Justice

"Non-Profit Groups Shouldn't be Afraid to Lobby," by Jeffrey M. Berry, Chronicle of Philanthropy

"Overview of Findings" Strengthening Nonprofit Advocacy Project, OMB Watch

"SPARC Change" Winter 2004 newsletter of the National Council of Nonprofit Associations


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